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Holistic Spiritual Growth

One of the greatest manuals of self reformation translated taught in the English language
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Course Description

Imam 'Abdallah al-Haddad is widely believed to have been the spiritual "renewer" of the twelfth Islamic century. A direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, his sanctity and direct experience of God are clearly reflected in his writings, poetry, and books.

When asked for counsel by one of his students as to how they can practically draw near to God, the Imam responded with a letter of complete, holistic guidance for the one sincerely seeking God and spiritual truth. This treatise would later be known as the The Book of Assistance.

Course instructor, Dr. Arif Hussain, believes this is one of the best manuals of spiritual development presented in the English language. He believes students will benefit greatly from this book of tremendous wisdom and knowledge.
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Dr. Arif Hussain

Patrick Jones is a content marketing professional since 2002. He has a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and a Bachelors in Education and has been teaching marketing strategies for over 15 years in Chicago. Patrick enjoys teaching all levels and all ages. He looks forward to sharing his love of building meaningful and effective content with all students to develop their marketing abilities.
Patrick Jones - Course author