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The Ark of Truth II: Functional Hadith Literacy

Be initiated into the history of hadith preservation and the scholarly terminology for hadith criticism and authentication.
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In a world that glorifies celebrities and mass entertainment, for people to be obsessed with the details of another person’s life should come as no surprise. Muslims bring that passion and commitment to the life of a man who is more dear to them than their own children, their family members and even their own selves. In fact, faith would demand nothing less. The study of ḥadīth is taking a step into the world of the statements, the actions, the words, the utterances, the vocabulary, the style, the life and the mannerisms of the Prophet Muḥammad, peace and blessings be upon him always.
Meet the instructor

Dr. Abu Zayd

Dr. Abu Zayd is the founder and director of the Quran Literacy Institute. He holds degrees in Islamic studies as well as traditional licenses (Ijāzah) in the ten modes of Qurʼānic recitation, books of ḥadīth and many Islamic texts. He is the author of Childrens Bequest, a textbook on the science of Tajweed based upon the first English translation of the Arabic classic Tuḥfat al-Aṭfāl.
Patrick Jones - Course author