Relevant Islamic knowledge at your fingertips through organized, progressive Islamic courses that build the mind, body, and spirit

Advantages of Our Platform

Experienced and diverse instructors have designed the most engaging learning paths for you


Our courses will challenge you to rethink your understanding and relationship with faith and God. They will challenge you to reconsider your life trajectory. They will encourage you to establish a strong base and build the necessary pillars to refine your character.


All courses are taught by instructors actively involved in community services. This has allowed them to provide content that is relevant, welcoming, and empathetic to the complexities of life. Whether you are discovering, reconnecting with, or reinforcing your faith, you will find our courses engaging and empowering


Our learning paths address every element of the human being - intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. This unique approach to religious education is particularly important for those seeking to rediscover their faith as well as those seeking to lead and mentor others.
Aim high, see big, judge widely

Simplify and Grow

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the explosion of ideas disseminated through social media? Having difficulty answering questions related to Islam? Having some doubts about what you have learned as a Muslim?
Studying with us will help you navigate this new space. Our educational methodology seeks to provide simplicity in a complex world.
Easy as one, two, three

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Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

"I took part in ILF's Shamail Tirmidhi Course. Course materials were excellent, the learning style was excellent. The instructors did a good job of communicating and making it a more enjoyable experience. A lot of online courses fail because of the isolation, unlike ILF Academy. I definitely learned a lot."
Yusuf Khan
The ILF summer intensive was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I did it in the summer of 2019, right before I went to college, and I’m glad I took it at that time. It presented me with a new way of looking at Fiqh and the laws of Islam. The class was not only a learning experience but very engaging; we did a service project and took a field trip, something I enjoyed very much. I would highly recommend this class to all ages.
Mariya Mujahid
ILF's Summer Ilm Intensive had a deep and meaningful impact on my day to day life. The intensive broke down all the different sciences attached to Islamic knowledge and gave me a strong foundation in the subject. Even though remote, the teachers were so interactive it felt like I was sitting in a classroom with my peers.
Omair Mujahid

Mentors Program

Level 1 Module 1
[Live Sessions]

This is the first module of the Mentors Program by Islamic Learning Foundation. The purpose of this module shall be to lay a foundation of Islamic thought grounded in the Quranic and Prophetic methodology of reformation.
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