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The Four Concepts by Maulana Maududi

The Quranic message can be summarized into four fundamental concepts: Ilah, Rabb, Ibadah, and Din.
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Course Description

Four Key concepts of the Qur'an elucidates these basic Qur'anic concepts Ilah, Rabb, Ibadah and Din in order to bring out fully the Islamic way of life, as distinct from other perspectives. This elaboration goes a long way in developing a sound understanding of the Qur'an. It also explains the man-God relationship in Islam, guiding Muslims on how to lead their lives in total surrender to Allah.
Meet the instructor

Imam Yusuf Rios

Imam Yusuf has a BA in Western Philosophy and Sociology from John Carroll University and is working on a Masters in Islamic Sciences at the Islamic University of Minnesota. He has served as an instructor with Islamic American University, al-Huda University, Guidance College and the Shaukani Institute. He is currently the Resident Scholar at ICNA Chicago.
Patrick Jones - Course author