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Revelation Revealed 2021

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Course Overview

Our foundational Arabic program – Revelation Revealed: Access to Quranic Arabic – was developed by a number of Arabic teachers from a variety of linguistic educational backgrounds. It was developed with the intention to combine the strength of the various Arabic educational methodologies while minimizing the weaknesses. It has the English-speaking student at the core of its focus. It was developed intending to provide the most efficient Arabic language development with the fundamental goal of appreciating the message of the Quran, Hadith, and Islamic literature.
We have graduated over 100 students from this program, all of whom had the ability to read Quranic verses and basic Islamic texts with the assistance of a dictionary. You too can begin your journey with the Arabic language by joining our next available matriculating class.

Course Material

  • Revelation Revealed: Access to Quranic Arabic text and workbook (mail-in)
  • Qasas un Nabiyeen vol. 1 (PDF)
  • Course Syllabus

Course Objectives

  • Learn foundational Arabic grammar and morphology
  • Learn how to use the Hans Wehr Dictionary for Arabic vocabulary
  • Learn Arabic phraseology
  • Be able to read and understanding Quranic verses, hadith, and basic arabic texts with the use of a dictionary


Meet the instructor

Ustadh Yusuf Khan

Ust. Yusuf is an active member of Young Muslims.  He completed the Revalation Revealed curriculum with superb review by his teachers.  He has continued his studies with the Ibn Saud curriculum and now a select student of the Alimiyyah preparatory course by Islamic Learning Foundation. 
Patrick Jones - Course author