Lesson series

Fundamental Islamic Spirituality

Fundamental Islamic Spirituality as articulated by one of the intellectual leaders of the Islamic Movement in Europe and North America - Khurram Murad
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Course Description

Purification of the heart is at the core of Islamic teachings. In this course, students will be introduced to the core principles of self development as grounded in Revelation.

The course will introduce the principles of graduality, removal, cultivation, obligations, recommendations, repentance, thankfulness, love of God, striving for Allah and much more.
Meet the instructor

Imam Yusuf Rios

Imam Yusuf has a BA in Western Philosophy and Sociology from John Carroll University and is working on a Masters in Islamic Sciences at the Islamic University of Minnesota. He has served as an instructor with Islamic American University, al-Huda University, Guidance College and the Shaukani Institute. He is currently the Resident Scholar at ICNA Chicago.
Patrick Jones - Course author