Lesson series

Towards Understanding Islam

Throw your Sunday school Islamic education out the door. What does it really mean to be Muslim?
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What's included?

Learn The Basics

This course will reflect upon the very essence of what what it means to be Muslim. Does Islam call to blind faith or does it call the human to utilize the great gift of intelligence? What is the proof for God? What is the role of Prophethood? How do we know that Islam is the truth? What is the true meaning of worship?

Topics Covered:

  • The true meaning of Islam, Iman, Kufr, and Dhulm
  • The pillars of faith and their impact on our lives
  • The rational proofs of God
  • Appreciating the role of the Prophets
  • The Prophet Muhammad - The last Prophet
  • and much more!
Meet the instructor

Dr. Arif Hussain

 Dr. Arif Hussain received his training in social activism and youth development during his years as a member of Young Muslims (YM). While in YM, he served as a Neighbornet Coordinator, Chicago City Coordinator, and National Coordinator. He was also a founding member of the Islamic Learning Foundation in Chicago where he helped develop the curriculum for the faculty of Arabic studies.

He completed a rigorous course of Arabic study at the Qortoba Institute in Cairo Egypt. Currently, He studies with Imam Yusuf Rios with a focus on Islamic leadership and Principles of Islamic Law. Professionally, He is a currently a practicing Physician.
Dr. Arif Hussain - Course Instructor