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Connect and Refresh [Part 1]

Understand the world view of Islam from the mouth of our Prophet.
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Course Description

This text - Tahdhib ul Akhlaq by Imam Sayyed Abdul Hayy al-Hasani - lays out the core of Prophetic teaching with an emphasis on self reformation and refinement of character.
Many consider this text an abridgement of the famous RIyadh us Saliheen. It is certainly inspired by Riyadh us Saliheen as the format and subjects are very similar. Students will find amazing inspiration directly from the mouth of our Prophet.
Meet the instructor

Imam Umair Haseeb

Umair Haseeb formally studied Arabic, the basics of Islam, and Quran in Chicago, which lead him to move to Morocco and Sahara to pursue a full time study of Arabic and Islamic Law. He received his ’Shahada’, or degree as well licenses directly from their Scholars, after studying at The Qarawiyyin in Fes, Morocco. He holds licenses in Legal Theory (Usul), Maliki Law, Grammar, Theology, and the Prophetic biography.
Patrick Jones - Course author